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كات باك بورلا اس تايب (تشارجر آر تي / كرايزلر 300سي / ماجنوم آر تي) مكينة 8 سلندر 5.7 لتر 2005 - 2010

كات باك بورلا اس تايب (تشارجر آر تي / كرايزلر 300سي / ماجنوم آر تي) مكينة 8 سلندر 5.7 لتر 2005 - 2010

الـماركة: Borla

مـتوفـر حـاليا / شحن خلال 24 ساعة

حالة السلعة : جديدة

السعر : 5875 ريال 5,545 ريال / شحن مجـاني

إشتري المنتج أو قم بتسويقه لتكسب: 55.45 ريال

اسم البائع : سوق المحترفين.كوم

رقـم القـطعة : 140125

وزن الشحن : 28 كيلو

عروض اخرى (جديد و مستعمل): 1 بائع / بائعون

ضمان 5 سنوات

قائمة انواع الشحن

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القيمة قبل الشحن 5,54500 ريال

ملاحظة : ضغطك على هذا الزر هو موافقتك على السعر الموضح وتأكيدك على الطلب.

المواصفات و التفاصيل

Part# Product Type Pipe Diameter Tip Size Tip Description Tip # Exit
140125 Cat-Back™ Exhaust 2.5" into 2.25" 5" Single Round Rolled Angle-Cut Long 39 Single Split Rear Exit

The bold look and feel of the Chrysler 300C, Dodge Magnum and Charger are making big waves within the entire auto industry, and BORLA® Performance Industries’ custom power-tuned Cat-Back™ Exhausts deliver another home run. BORLA® has a rich, 27-year heritage of designing and building leading edge components for Mopar vehicles. BORLA®’s Cat-Back™ systems are true dual mandrel bent, high performance units designed for ease of installation and solid performance gains.

BORLA’s knowledge of the new 5.7L Hemi engine has allowed us to custom tune an exhaust system which is almost 30 lbs. lighter than the stock system, mainly due to the aircraft-grade high quality austenitic lightweight stainless steel used in every BORLA system. Additional attributes include superior performance and that famous BORLA growl of power.

Choose from the more aggressive sounding PN# 140125 with massive 5" polished round BORLA embossed angle-cut, rolled edge tips or the more mellow touring PN# 140112 with a single oval rolled angle-cut tip. The 140125 system flows 220cfm over stock, which helps explain why so much extra horsepower is released by this unique new split rear exiting system.

While many exhaust companies talk about racing, BORLA mufflers and headers are tested every single weekend on race tracks around the world. The BORLA success is unmatched, and that effort transfers to the BORLA street systems. BORLA backs these and every street Cat-Back™ system and Header with an unequaled written million-mile warranty.

سوف تقوم بتقييم :كات باك بورلا اس تايب (تشارجر آر تي / كرايزلر 300سي / ماجنوم آر تي) مكينة 8 سلندر 5.7 لتر 2005 - 2010

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